1. The signed persons on this lease certify that each one is of legal age.
2. Where a telephone is included in the lease, it is for local calls only. All toll calls must be charged to home or credit card. Calls not so charged shall be billed to the Lessee and deducted from telephone/security deposits. Owners must notify tenant with a copy of any charges made immediately upon receipt of phone statement.
3. Tenant further agrees to surrender or give peaceful possession of leased premises to Lessor, and to leave the premises thoroughly clean and undamaged at termination of lease (reasonable wear and tear expected) and to replace, repair or pay for all breakage or damage to the property and/or furnishings contained therein.
4. This lease is accepted subject to the approval of the Owner and terminates upon default of any payment.
5. PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Linens are the responsibility of the tenant. CALLOWAY REALTY is not responsible for items lost or stolen. Unreasonable noise or disturbance of the peace shall be cause for eviction.
6. It is understood and agreed that in the event of the property being destroyed by fire, or from any cause made untenable before the period of occupancy specified or during said period of occupancy, that money paid by the tenant to the landlord shall be refunded to the tenant, pro rata.
7. Occupancy of this property is strictly limited to 8 people. The tenant agrees not to use or occupy premises for any purpose other than a dwelling and that premises will not be occupied by any minor unless an adult is present.
Air Conditioners
8. No air conditioning shall be installed without written consent of the owner. Unseen Rentals
9. We highly recommend that anyone signing a lease personally inspect the property before signing the lease. The broker makes no warranty as to the c-0ndition or description of the property.
Payment Disbursement
10. Tenant agrees that all rental monies will be disbursed by CALLOWAY REALTY to the landlord immediately after funds have cleared. Tenant consents to all such transfers and understands that CALLOWAY REALTY is not responsible to the tenant as a result of the transfer of rental monies to the landlord. Owners are liable for all monies received.
11. All requests by tenant to cancel lease must be in writing to CALLOWAY and are subject to property re-renting and acceptance by owner. All deposit money will be retained until property is re-rented at full price. If property is not re-rented for full price, difference will be due from tenant requesting cancellation and/or be deducted from the deposit. All cancellations are subject to 12% handling charge.
12. All municipal Sanitary, Fire Regulations, and Recycling requirements must be complied with by all parties.
Right of Access
13. Lessor (Owner) or his agent shall have the right, but not the obligation, to enter into and upon said premises, or any part hereof, at all reasonable hours, for the purpose of inspection or showing for rental or sale, but Lessor agrees not to exercise said right in such a way as to unreasonably interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the Lessee.
Security Deposit Held by Owner
14. Upon owner's and/or owner's representative's inspection prior to any other occupancy on weekly rentals, owner shall have 72 hours after expiration of the lease term to notify tenant of any damages/deductions. This must be followed in writing to tenant within 3 days. Calloway Realty not liable for inspecting property. ALL SECURITY DEPOSITS ARE HELD BY OWNER and returned by owner. Disputes over security deposits will be resolved between tenant and owner. CALLOWAY REALTY will not be involved in any disputes. By signing lease, tenant & landlord agree to these terms. Tenant & landlord indemnify Calloway Realty of any liability regarding any security deposit conflicts.
15. Any subletting of this property shall constitute a breach of this lease.
16. Lessor agrees to pay CALLOWAY REALTY a 12% rental commission on the gross rental of this lease or any further leases to the Lessee.

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